Rapper Drake gives away Bitcoin

Rapper Drake gives away Bitcoin

As part of a livestreaming event, Canadian rapper Drake has given away $1 million US in Bitcoin. The collaboration with crypto-casino Stake.com was already shown live on Twitch last week and was meant to give fans the opportunity to play with the superstar and share in his winnings. For a long time, the musician has had a penchant for cryptocurrencies. It was not the first time that Drake drew attention to himself with such actions.

Participants were drawn by lot

But not everyone who wanted to be lucky enough to be at online event. Fans had to sign up in advance to attend, but the spots were drawn. The lucky winners of the tickets were even notified by the rapper himself. Such a video call will probably have caused jubilation in some living rooms. 35 Bitcoins were thus brought among the people. That sounds little at first, but the crypto-money has an equivalent value of about 1 million US dollars.

Drake distributes gifts

Indeed, participation in the exclusive livestreaming event was not the only reason for joy. For all those who caught the luck of the draw, it came even better. Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, also received a gift from the 35-year-old superstar. The candidates received a starting capital of between 10,000 and 75,000 US dollars, paid out in Bitcoin, of course. Among them were fans from all over the world, including Mexico, Jordan, Canada, India and Brazil.

Drake was initially lucky in the game

Logically, however, the crypto-casino Stake.com also had its fingers in the pie. By cooperating with a superstar like Drake, the platform was sure to attract a lot of attention. A clever marketing strategy that the Curacao-based company had developed. Especially since the rapper had luck on his side at the beginning of the event. In live roulette, he won 18 million US dollars by placing a large bet on his lucky number 11.

Loss up to 20 million US dollars

However, this lucky streak of the musician did not last for the whole session, because in the further course Drake lost around 20 million US dollars. However, this should not hurt the superstar any further, because it can be assumed that Stake.com had taken his bets. However, he should be able to revise this balance soon, because according to the rapper and the crypto casino, more actions of this kind are planned.

About Stake.com

So, the crypto casino Stake.com is setting completely new standards when it comes to inventing new marketing strategies. The company, which as mentioned is based in Curacao, was founded in 2017 and operates offices in Serbia, Cyprus and Australia. In addition to classic table games such as roulette, poker or blackjack, the platform also offers popular sports betting. The unique selling point: games are played exclusively in cryptocurrencies.

Drake has already won several times at Stake.com

But the cooperation had advantages not only for the company, but also for the rapper. You could also call the deal a win-win situation for both parties, because it has long been known that Drake is very interested in cryptocurrencies and trading in them. The Toronto-born rapper, R&B singer and actor has caused a stir several times with gambling and sports betting. Just in February, he won the equivalent of US $1 million during the Super Bowl. At Stake.com, of course.

Drake donated 1 million US dollars

Drake, who lives in the USA, more precisely in California, has a penchant for cryptocurrencies. In fact, he has already donated more than 1 million US dollars (in bitcoin) to charity. The donation went to an organization that is active in the name of NBA star Lebron James and also resulted from a win on Stake.com. Drake had previously won more than 10 million US dollars playing roulette, with a share going to the LeBron James Family Foundation, which supports needy children in the basketballer's home country.

Drake is a superstar worldwide

In addition, according to rumors, Drake also gave rich gifts to his friends with Bitcoin. He is said to have given his friend Kodak Black around 300,000 US dollars. The American can afford it, because his previously released albums have been awarded several times with gold, silver and platinum. His first album "Thank me later" was released in 2010. This disc was to be followed by five more albums. The current LP was released in 2021 and is called "Certified Lover Boy". read more news from the casino world at the link.

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