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100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin - EP/USP Food/Cosmetic Grade / Colourless & Odourless


100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin - EP/USP Food/Cosmetic Grade / Colourless & Odourless


100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin EP/USP Food/Cosmetic Grade / Colourless & Odourless


100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin - EP/USP Food/Cosmetic Grade / Colourless & Odourless

Vegetable Glycerine UK | 99.9%

Vegetable glycerin (also known as glycerol) is a natural substance made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The term "glycerine" can refer to either pure or industrial grade glycerine. Pure vegetable glycerine UK is most often derived from plant sources such as soybeans or palm, while industrial-grade glycerine can come from both organic and synthetic sources.

Extraction of Pure Vegetable Glycerine:

There are several different ways to extract pure vegetable glycerin. The method used often depends on what type of food industry the glycerin will be sold to. Sometimes it is extracted using a chemical process, and sometimes it is extracted from the food itself.

Benefits of Vegetable Glycerine UK | Must Buy

Vegetable glycerine is used in food products, pharmaceuticals, soaps and skincare products, personal care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash, cleaners, lubricants, paints and coatings, ink, putty & adhesives, plastic molding compounds, waxes, explosives manufacture, and much more.

Vegetable glycerin is a viscous colorless liquid with a sweet taste and very low toxicity. It has been used as an ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry for over 150 years.

It is produced from plant sources such as soy or palm, but can also come from animal fat, chicken fat, eggs, milk, and beef tallow. It is odorless, tasteless, and has a high boiling point.

Uses of Vegetable Glycerine:

Most often it's used as a food additive or in the pharmaceutical industry to make drugs such as skin products, eye drops, and even some medications that are taken orally. Manufacturers of processed foods use it as an artificial sweetener because it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels.

It's also used in many cosmetics and personal care products such as facial moisturizers, lotions, and foundations; shampoo and conditioners; deodorant sticks and sprays; eye makeup like mascara and eyeliner; lipstick, lip glosses, and lip balms; powder, bronzer, blush, and baby powder. It's also used as a thickening agent in creams, body butter, and hair products.

Vegetable glycerin is an effective moisturizer for dry skin and has excellent emollient properties. It's able to hold moisture near the surface of the skin, which helps to reduce flaking and itchy dryness. It can also help protect sensitive skin against harsh environmental conditions.

Glycerin has humectant properties, which means it attracts water from the surrounding environment into the epidermis and dermis layers of skin to keep moisture levels constant. It can help to prevent dryness by keeping these upper layers hydrated while preventing evaporation from lower layers.

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