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Premium Collagen Powder 300g - Hydrolysed peptides & Grass Fed - Halal - Collagen Supplement For Women & Men

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★ Ultra Premium Collagen Peptides
★ Hydrolysed & Grass Fed
★ 100% Sourced from Bovine
★ Types 1 & 3 Collagen
★ Great for Hair, Skin, Nails & Joints
★ High Levels of 19 Amino Acids
★ Halal

Size: 300g - 30 Servings
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Onyx Collagen Peptides powder Easy-mix, no-taste formula that dissolves in any hot or cold liquid. Halal & Kosher from grass-fed cattle. 100% pure Types 1 & 3 bovine collagen, with 19 amino acids and high levels of all 8 essential amino acids including BCAAs. Hydrolysed to 2000 daltons for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Collagen makes up about 30% of the protein in the human body, but its production declines with age, stress and hard physical activity. As the body’s most abundant protein, collagen provides structure and elasticity to SKIN, NAILS, HAIR, BONES, JOINTS, MUSCLES, TEETH AND BLOOD VESSELS. Collagen peptides are also rich in amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins and play many important roles in the body.

Why is it so good?

ENZYMATICALLY HYDROLYSED FOR MAXIMUM BIOAVAILABILITY: Our production process uses the latest and best technology to guarantee a protein with a low molecular weight of less than 3000 daltons for greater bioavailability, making it highly absorbable by the digestive tract. Our Bovine Collagen has been scientifically tested and includes Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen.

19 AMINO ACIDS & HIGH LEVELS OF ALL 8 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS: Collagen itself is made of amino acids. Our Bovine Collagen offers a market-leading 19 types, including high levels of all 8 essential amino acids which include Lysine, Leucine, Methionine and Phenylalanine. It also contains Branch Chain Amino Acids otherwise known as BCAAs.

COLD WATER SOLUBLE WITHOUT ANY LUMPS OR CLUMPS: Unlike other Collagen powders, Onyx's Bovine Collagen powder is agglomerated for a neutral taste and rapid dispersal. This means it's easily dissolved in all types of liquids and food, making it simple and pleasant to fit in with your daily routine.


We recommend taking 10 grams (1 Scoop) daily. Onyx Bovine Collagen powder can be mixed with water, tea, coffee, juice, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or soup. Stir well before serving.


100% Pure Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides (from grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle).