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Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% (IPA) - Advanced A-Grade Cleaning Alcohol

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ONYX Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% Cleaning Solution is the pinnacle of purity and efficiency in maintaining a spotless environment. With an exceptionally high concentration of 99.9%, this solution is a powerful cleanser that can be used to clean virtually any surface. Removes light grease, oils, dirt, food stains etc. Evaporates quickly and leaves surface squeaky clean and sanitising surfaces, electronic components, or medical equipment.

Isopropyl Alcohol liquid 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol (also known as IPA, isopropanol, rubbing alcohol or iso-propanol) for all-purpose cleaning and degreasing. Adhesive applications Isopropyl alcohol is the solvent of choice for the final preparation, cleaning and degreasing of all substrates prior to adhesive bonding. In addition, it is useful for the cleaning up of many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins.

Cleaning applications
Excellent for removal of fluxes, light oils, polar soils, dirt, inks and oxides electronic components, or medical equipment. Safe on plastics, glass & metal. Preparation of metal and composite surfaces prior to painting. Isopropyl Alcohol is a highly versatile solvent which has 1001 uses. Second only to water it is the most commonly used liquid for cleaning and is found in millions of products world wide. It is used in manufacturing acetone, glycerol and isopropyl acetate. A solvent for many oils, alkaloids, gums and resins, it also serves as a de-icing agent for liquid fuels. The chemical compound is used in extraction processes, as a dehydrating agent and as a laboratory reagent.

Health & Safety
Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness and cracking

IPA is a highly flammable material, care must be taken when storing and using this material, please read the technical data sheet and safety data sheet for further information.

Size: 100ml
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